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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Inspiration Source: Textile Designer Amy Butler

If you love brightly coloured fabrics with modern floral patterns, check out the fabric lines by textile designer Amy Butler. Amy Butler is based out of USA, but you can find retailers with her fabric and patterns all over North America.  I love her website because she gives free instructions for quilt patterns, fabric and paper crafts.  I personally made her fabric necklace a few years ago (image below); I altered it and added chain to give weight and make it less bulky around the neck.  All you do is make a bias tape tube out of your favourite fabric and fill with Styrofoam balls (from the dollarstore!) and tie knots in between each ball.  Follow this link to get Amy’s instructions:

Amy Butler’s newest line of fabrics is called “Lark.” To see her quilting, home decor and laminated fabrics in this line, go to the following:
There are patterns you can purchase as well. While on vacation in Niagara Falls, I found a little fabric store in Niagara on the Lake called Bee Modern Fabrics and Yarn. I managed to find the pattern I had wanted for such a long time: The gumdrop pattern.   It’s a mix of a footstool or pillow, now often referred to as a pouf! So this has been added to my “to do” list.
I also now have my eye on another one of Amy’s pattern: The Honeybun Pouf.  I think it looks amazing in her Lark fabrics.
And, if I can ever focus on a sewing pattern long enough, I love the craziness of her Bloom quilt. Hello yoyos are making a big comeback!

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