Welcome to my blog, my name is Cheryl. I am a crafter who works in various mediums with my motto being “erratic and eclectic.” I seem to have many projects on the go at all times, and like to switch up my mediums very frequently.

Here is a list of what I like to dabble in:

Sewing, jewellery, clay, painting, drawing, collage, printmaking, stamping and of course, mixed media projects that mix a few of these mediums together.

I am inviting you to read about my daily life as a crafter. I will share my sources of inspiration, post pictures of work in progress and talk about the things I enjoy. Feel free to post questions and comments.

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Have you discovered Pinterest yet?


It is a great social media site for those who love visuals for inspiration. The idea is that you pin images onto boards with topics you create. It is essentially an online inspiration wall.  It can save you from ripping page after page of inspiration from magazines.

I just finished a course through skill share on using Pinterest to enhance your brand and I am striving to use pinterest to share all the things I love with bohemian spirit, colour and intricacy.

I like to use it to share inspirational photos, quotes, textures etc.  It is a great resource for creatives who need a little visual pick me up to be motivated.

If you would like to see my boards on pinterest go to https://pinterest.com/strawberryboho/

Happy Pinning!

Here are a few of my favourite pins:

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Inspiration: Anthropologie

Anthropologie has a web feature called "the Magazine," where they feature different topics that relate to their products and the creation of their products.

Two Artists, One City- is about two of their artists based in New Orleans and it includes videoclips for each artist. They talk about where they find inspiration and how they accomplish their artworks. It's quite interesting, check it out. The artists are Rebecca Rebouche and Kaki Foley.

Monday, 2 July 2012

I bought a copy of the June Bead and Button Magazine issue because I was fascinated with the jewellery on the front cover which is made with beads and a trim called "soutache." At first, I didn't buy this issue because I didn't know where to get soutache, but once I accidently spotted it at FabricLand, I raced back and bought this issue.

It's a time consuming process, but the results are beautiful, when I can get good pictures, I'll post some on here.
If you would like to see more examples, go to the author of the article, Amee K. Sweet-McNamara's website to see her work. Gorgeous!

Friday, 16 March 2012


I can’t believe that I am just discovering the world of audiobooks! It is amazing, I can listen to books while working on my crafts, or cleaning or doing the worst task....dishes  arghhhh!
I received a kobo reader for my birthday, and I was told I could download books through the library. So I checked it out, and discovered audiobooks!
It is great, I feel like I am getting so much accomplished, multitasking to the core!
So if you have ever felt like you wish you had more time for reading, check out your public library website and see if you can download audiobooks to listen while you work.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Inspiration Source: Textile Designer Amy Butler

If you love brightly coloured fabrics with modern floral patterns, check out the fabric lines by textile designer Amy Butler. Amy Butler is based out of USA, but you can find retailers with her fabric and patterns all over North America.  I love her website because she gives free instructions for quilt patterns, fabric and paper crafts.  I personally made her fabric necklace a few years ago (image below); I altered it and added chain to give weight and make it less bulky around the neck.  All you do is make a bias tape tube out of your favourite fabric and fill with Styrofoam balls (from the dollarstore!) and tie knots in between each ball.  Follow this link to get Amy’s instructions:

Amy Butler’s newest line of fabrics is called “Lark.” To see her quilting, home decor and laminated fabrics in this line, go to the following:
There are patterns you can purchase as well. While on vacation in Niagara Falls, I found a little fabric store in Niagara on the Lake called Bee Modern Fabrics and Yarn. I managed to find the pattern I had wanted for such a long time: The gumdrop pattern.   It’s a mix of a footstool or pillow, now often referred to as a pouf! So this has been added to my “to do” list.
I also now have my eye on another one of Amy’s pattern: The Honeybun Pouf.  I think it looks amazing in her Lark fabrics.
And, if I can ever focus on a sewing pattern long enough, I love the craziness of her Bloom quilt. Hello yoyos are making a big comeback!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Inspiration source: My workspace!

My first picture I have posted is one of my workspaces (I have two).  This is my dining room, but it’s never used for dining and has fantastic natural lighting.  So I painted it Benjamin Moore “fresh cut grass” green, put up some green and black velvet flocked curtains and added some plants for a cheery atmosphere. I love the colour, it’s bright and cheerful!  I work on my laptop here, my jewellery, sketching and painting. 
On the desk, I converted a drawer unit (traditionally used for hardware) into a storage unit for my jewellery findings. I spray painted it dark green to go with my work space. It’s great because it has large drawers at the bottom that fit not only my jewellery pliers, but also pens, pencils, rulers etc.  The painting I have propped on the wall is a random work I found at Goodwill, and only paid a few dollars for.  The colours really appealed to me and I like having other’s work in my space to inspire me.
 My other workspace is in the living room in a corner where I set up my sewing machine. Right now, it’s a mess, hence no picture. I personalized it with a corkboard as my “inspiration” wall and added family photos, one of my collages and a happy Buddha statue.  I bought a ceramic vase at Goodwill, which I use as a pencil holder. I also included a desk lamp with a moveable head as this space is away from natural light, and can get quite dark in the evening hours.