Welcome to my blog, my name is Cheryl. I am a crafter who works in various mediums with my motto being “erratic and eclectic.” I seem to have many projects on the go at all times, and like to switch up my mediums very frequently.

Here is a list of what I like to dabble in:

Sewing, jewellery, clay, painting, drawing, collage, printmaking, stamping and of course, mixed media projects that mix a few of these mediums together.

I am inviting you to read about my daily life as a crafter. I will share my sources of inspiration, post pictures of work in progress and talk about the things I enjoy. Feel free to post questions and comments.

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Have you discovered Pinterest yet?


It is a great social media site for those who love visuals for inspiration. The idea is that you pin images onto boards with topics you create. It is essentially an online inspiration wall.  It can save you from ripping page after page of inspiration from magazines.

I just finished a course through skill share on using Pinterest to enhance your brand and I am striving to use pinterest to share all the things I love with bohemian spirit, colour and intricacy.

I like to use it to share inspirational photos, quotes, textures etc.  It is a great resource for creatives who need a little visual pick me up to be motivated.

If you would like to see my boards on pinterest go to https://pinterest.com/strawberryboho/

Happy Pinning!

Here are a few of my favourite pins:

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